Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kodak 2-A Premo

It's Saturday in my world so I am linking to Mockingbird Hill Cottage's "A Favorite Thing."  (Boy, these weeks are flying by!)  My grandmother, who was a farm wife at the time, bought or was given this camera in about 1919.

It is a Kodak 2-A Premo Folding Camera (nice, zippy name).  They were made from 1916-1926 and were sold for eight dollars on average.   This is the camera folded up.

I also have the original instruction booklet.

Obviously, Grandma did not take advantage of this free offer-- Kodakery?  Kinda funny.

And, believe it or not, I even have the original box with many necessary additions of tape.  I had to add some after shooting this too.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, these cameras do not garner much money today.  10-50 dollars is all, but I like its style, design, and history, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, I don't have any original photos taken with this camera.  However, I do have several copies (see Monday's post for one).

So is it me, or is there something kind of weird taking pictures of a 93-year-old camera with a digital camera?  Hmm... wonder what Grandma would think?



  1. I love those old fold out cameras- they look so "important". I wonder how often your Grandma used it.

  2. Wow! That is a fantastic camera. How wonderful that you have it after all these years. With the book and the box. I was just saying to a friend today that it is so nice to just snap, snap, snap and then get home and decide what pictures you want to keep or not. Sure beats paying for all the bad ones. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  3. This is such a treasure, and such a great decorating piece too! I wouldn't take a million dollars for it if I were you! Well, okay - a million would do it.

    But not a penny less!

  4. That is so neat! I have never seen that particular type of camera before. I'm sure it means the world to you. I'm surprised they aren't worth more money!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  5. Haha, I love it, we've come a long way, right?!?! Anything vintage is priceless, especially if it has your family history attached to it! Hugs ~ Mary

  6. It IS wonderful! Family treasures are so important...and you know it was just the latest innovation for the times!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, my dear!

  7. I'm a family history buff and a photography buff -- I love this camera and the story behind it! Thanks for sharing!