Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Magic

A couple days ago, Thrift Core posted info on cleaning up thrifted purchases.  One tip was using those "magic erase" type sponges on price tag "goo."  That same day this mod cutting board caught my eye.  I bought it at an antique store 15ish years ago.  It's been in and out of storage; currently it is "out" and resting on my kitchen back splash.  It has had price-tag-residue on it all these years.  So I tried the magic sponge trick.

It was magic!!  How nice!

Thanks a mil, Van!



  1. Glad you got that residue off. I LOVE the magic erasers! They really are a perfect cleaning tool for a reseller.

  2. Great tip. Thanks. I too like those magic erasers. They are kind of pricey; but I've used the Dollar General brand and they do the trick just fine.
    Also-- I saw they come in tear away version just tear off what you need and save the rest for other projects. Well, I've been cutting mine with utility scissors ...pretty much from the get go. Why use the whole thing when a little dab will do ya?!

    I didn't think of sticker residue on thrift items though. I'll give you credit for that one. ;) Pat

  3. Such a good idea. I have one I need to do now :)