Tuesday, October 7, 2014

World Card Making Day

Did you know this past Saturday, October 4th, was World Card Making Day? I only knew because I happened to look at Scrapbook.com where it was mentioned. So why not? I didn't get these finished until Sunday, but I did start them all on Saturday. The main images are newer scrapbook papers; nice designs out this year.

This one I like so much I think I'll hang onto it-- and I don't even like snow anymore!

Thanks for viewing-- have a creative day!


  1. Love those... with the winter theme! Did they suggest a theme? or you just had winter on the brain? and available pieces for theme.
    You appeared to have made a "set" of cards! I like the Christmas Balls and The Snowman!

  2. I'm crazy about the reindeer one!

  3. I love handmade Christmas cards and journals! You are so creative! Hugs!

  4. Running late today and I did not make a single card.maybe tomorrow I'll make a Halloween card or two. Have a good evening.