Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday's Muster #39

Monday's Muster will be in the Halloween spirit for the next few weeks. Up first is a small collection of vintage Halloweenie type children's books. Most of these were published by Scholastic.

I was glad to finally acquire 13 Ghostly Tales earlier this year. I remember that very cool cover from my grade school days. The Haunted House has been mine since the 70s-- love that cover too.

These have also been mine since the 70s. If I remember rightly, both of these were handed down from some older neighbors of mine.

Spook was a garage sale find you might recall, and Nine Witch Tales was purchased new by me at the school bookmobile.

More spooky fun.

These two are newer purchases from Etsy and Ebay this year. The book on the left is where we got the idea for our haunted dollhouse. See the next photo.

Includes one frightened family... ha, ha...
Hope your day isn't too spooky!


  1. I had The Witch's Catalog, and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Neat books, Diane - I don't recall having any spooky books myself and I don't think my kids had many either, which is very strange.....

  3. Cool books - I don't remember any of those.

  4. Great Halloween book collection, I've never heard of these Scholastic Halloween books before, you had much more fun in school than we did!