Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cowboy Boots

Kim at Snug Harbor Bay recently wrote a post about her cowboy boots. I commented that I still had mine that I bought circa 1979 (oh my) so she asked to see them. Before I dig those out, I thought I'd share a very cool book I bought in 1980.

Of course there is a section on boots. Here are some things you may not know:

There are lots of examples of fancy schmacy boots.

I keep mine in their original box which I thought was way cool-- still think so too.

Here they are. Anything but fancy schamcy. I have worn these to barns, to clean stalls, to ride horses, to a Cubs game, on dates... I used to clean them often and had boot shapers in them, but I don't wear them these days.

But they still fit.
Happy trails!


  1. What a great post - I learned so much about boots that I never knew.

    Your boots are a luscious leather in a beautiful shade of brown. You need to be wearing those babies!

  2. What a neat book and I love your boots..they look rugged and comfortable to wear. Well....I still have a pair of cowboy boots! I'll see if I can get them out of the box and take some photos, too! We'll have to have a club...cowgirl club! heehee! Hugs!

  3. So lets see, Your boots are rounded toe, with a 1 1/2 heel (?) with NO toe medallion or fancy stitch on the quarters... but I agree with Kim @Snug Habor...'a luscious leather in a beautiful shad of brown" and Lavender Dreamer "rugged and comfortable to wear"

    You DO NEED to be wearing them!

  4. Still in the original box!!! So neat!!!

  5. Nothing more comfortable than a well worn pair of cowboy boots, still have a pair of mine (definitely not fancy schmancy either!). Love the box!

  6. Great post and I just found you through Lavender Dreamer. I always sign off my posts with Happy Trails too! We were probably sisters separated at birth! LOL!