Thursday, October 16, 2014

Praying Mantises

In a sort of wild section of my dad's backyard we spotted five praying mantises. We have seen one or two over the last 25 years or so but very seldom and never five at once. Cool!

Can you see three in there?

That's my husband trying to get one to walk on his hand. No thanks. That also gives you an idea of their size. They were all about the same.

Interesting world we live in. Enjoy!


  1. How neat! I've never seen this many at one time either. I had one person 'show their boots' so I added it to my post! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Wow--and I thought it was special when we had just one on our patio table a couple years ago! Aren't they the neatest looking things? They look like they could be directly descended from dinosaurs.

  3. I always think of praying mantises as being tropical but apparently I am wrong! Very cool and boy are they big!