Saturday, October 11, 2014

Some Christmasy Estate Finds

I need to apologize, dear readers. I thought I had already published this post which explained yesterday's haunted dollhouse. I usually draft posts ahead of time, then challenges come along, etc., and push things back. Well, here is a case of the cart before the horse. So read on, and yesterday's post will make a little more sense. Thank you!

There were several estate and garage sales in my area a couple weeks ago. I managed to get to three. Not bad. The first was estate sale leftovers that hadn't seen a dust cloth in about 35 years, no price tags (which turned me off), and folks running it that needed a meeting to decide on prices if you asked. Most were ridiculously high, but I lucked out on this.

You're probably thinking, "Lucked out?" Well, my daughter and I had just been saying how fun it would be to make a haunted dollhouse. For five bucks this will fit the bill nicely. Needs some work, but considering we wanted a run down looking house, that will be minimal. I will say these are the largest windows I've ever seen on a dollhouse. Maybe whoever made it thought that would be another way to get furniture in and out?? Maybe whoever made it never heard of 1:12??  Who knows?

Not much here for three sales, but you don't hit the jackpot too often.

Here's a closer look. A pair of old duck "huggers" salt and pepper shakers. They are from the 40s/50s and somewhat valuable, depending on who is doing the selling. A little wooden Christmas/Santa's castle scene. Three old New Year's noise makers.

The book laying in the outdoor photo did not have a cover. I think it's an old Ideals magazine. A lot of cute illustrations inside I'll use in collage projects someday.

I'm not a knee hugger person, but they usually sell well.

A little taste of impending Christmas. Where did this year go???

Have a nice day!


  1. We hit 4 sales today and didn't have much luck. Looks like things are winding down around here.

  2. It's fun to see your neat little house. And I DO collect pixies...these are adorable. Love the Halloween things, too. This is a great bunch of treasures! Hugs, Diane

  3. Since I've been away Diane and hadn't had a chance to read your blog, your post yesterday made perfect sense to me LOL! $5.00 for the dollhouse was a great deal and can't wait to see what spookiness you and your daughter come up with! Never have heard the term 'knee hugger', I'm obviously not much of a vintage Christmas collector! The girl knee hugger would make a great goth doll with that eye makeup!

  4. Oh I think $5 for that house is great!
    The shelf elves cute too..
    Now...I've got to go back and read the other post, apparently, I missed it.

  5. The knee huggers are sweet ones!

    Thought I had missed the dollhouse post, guess I didn't!

  6. Nice finds! Your haunted dollhouse is going to be a fun project. I hope you share it on your blog.


  7. oooooooooooooh! i'm totally drooling over your fab finds, and i ♥LOVE♥ the idea of the haunted dollhouse! you & your gal are sooooo creative, you think up the coolest ideas!

    ps: for the record, deliberately un-priced items at sales are one of my betes noires; i always feel like i'm being "sized up"... :0