Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few Thrifts and One Estate Sale

We had crummy garage sale weather the weekend before last and none in my area at all this past weekend. The thrift stores didn't offer anything too exciting either. I did find some more old greeting cards.

This one looks rather dull...

Until you open it!

An old donkey and cart planter. There is an mark on the bottom, but it's worn too much to read. The beer stein is the real deal from Germany-- and it's heavy too. I researched the mark on that, and it was made between 1960 and 1990.

I went to one estate sale, on half price day.  Ya gotta love that; I guess a lot of people love that as it was the most crowded sale I've been to all year. There wasn't much of interest really, but I found some pretty old items.

These books are from the early part of the last century. And please notice I finally painted that outdoor table.

The two children's books on the right have some wonderful illustrations.

The rest of the haul consists of a a small Mason jar, a small wooden picture frame, and the contents of one box: a U.S. map puzzle, the lid to the puzzle, a few Bingo cards and wooden markers (there were quite a lot of markers, but I didn't show them all), and a few itty bitty print blocks-- see the next photo.

I didn't think the puzzle was that old!

And were all the pieces there? Would you believe one is missing?! Apologies to Georgia.

The garage and estate sales are definitely winding down for the year. The thrift stores will have to keep me entertained over the winter once again.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The wooden bingo markers are very cool.

  2. I love the old books and I remember my kids having a map with the states. It's fun to find the old cards, too. You did good! We're having more festivals around here now which is fun. Hugs, Diane

  3. Well I think you found some great treasures, those print blocks alone would have made my day!

  4. You got some GOODIES. Love the old books, games and puzzles. We don't have good estate sales or garage sales in Florida. All the old people left their cool old stuff up north when they retired to the south. :-(

    1. That makes sense. I run into a lot of dud sales too though.

  5. It seems like I haven't bought anything in ages, I found a lovely Vera last week and that was it. I'm going away this week, so hopefully, I come home with something to share!!!!

  6. This is fascinating! What fabulous finds! I love vintage stuff like this!