Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Smashes (More Or Less)

Yes, I started another Smash Book. I think this is number 4 (they're in the other room, and I don't feel like getting up at the moment-- forgive me). This one is just stuff, whatever, fun, practice... You get the idea. When I make cards, etc., I usually make a "batch" at once so by the time I'm done I'm ready for a little break before delving in to the next project. A book like this is just the ticket. 

Below is the first page I made earlier this year. My daughter and I each Smashed a page outside one nice day. My daughter also made the fabric owl on the left. I placed it there to cover some personal info on the page; it was handy and it's cute.

This page was all cut from an October 1974 Woman's Day magazine. After the fact, it dawned on me there were no Halloween articles. There were two candy ads that had to do with Halloween, but can you imagine? Any October magazine today is stuffed with Halloween decorating and cooking. That holiday sure has come a long way since 1974.

In my original "Favorites" book that started this, I added a two page tribute to Mastiffs and Labs. The cartoony terrier on the right is a Smash page design that was printed in the book.

Good guess if you knew this page is in my "Quotes" book. The quote was printed on a piece of scrapbook paper I bought. Something to keep in mind, I think.

This is the most recent addition to the "Songs" book. The bluegrass number by The Dillards. The trees backgrounds were already printed in the book-- how handy for a song that mentions October and leaves.

Since all of these incorporate words, I'm linking to Inspiration Avenue and their theme this week: Words.

Have a good one!


  1. I always love seeing your journal pages. I'm in between sewing projects...maybe I should get my smash journals out, too! Enjoy your day my friend! Hugs!

  2. Those are great.Love the first one!!! Have a good evening..

  3. Like the smash book - the mastiff, I forget your dog's name.
    My daughter has one, my grand daughter loves that dog!
    I also truly like the idea of a 'no-loan Home Improvement' :)

  4. Love to see your pages, Diane! I always like your music pages, they're great!

    I sure wish we had some vintage Halloween in our magazines!!! I'm going to go through mine again...

  5. I love art journals, partly because of all the words! Funny about the '74 October magazine. It seems like people have always made a big deal of Halloween. But I guess that's not true. Great journal pages!