Friday, January 24, 2014

Thrift Finds-- Finally!

Since Christmas, the thrifty finds have been very thin to non-existent around here, but I finally had some luck this week.  What a nice feeling to see some interesting items! The unopened box of Snoopy valentines was a real stroke of luck as I was just thinking it's time to buy valentines for the annual school kids' exchange.

Very vintage rolling pin and one of those "flip open" address books for your desk; it was never used.

Not sure if I'll have any luck selling this shoe. Kind of old-fashioned, but it is pretty and in fine condition. Reminded me of an aunt I had who collected figurines of shoes. This egg cup is cute.  Might not be too old. Anyone know for sure?  It was made in Germany.

I rarely do this, but I went back to the thrift store later in the day to see if these plastic dishes were still there.  They were. Fun set.  I like the sugar bowl and creamer!

And as long as I went back... I bought a few more things.

Can you imagine crocheting this dress, hat, and teeny booties (or do you spell it "bootees?").

Even found a few goodies for my daughter.  All in all, it was a good day even though it snowed non-stop!



  1. Oh, a Bobbsey Twins book! How special! And I love that wee little dollie in crochet. How sweet! Enjoy your day and your treasures my friend!

  2. OH, I'm jealous of the Snoopy cards and that Bobbsey Twinsbook! The plastic dishes are a cool find - 60's do you think?

  3. Wow, I didn't realize just how tiny the doll was until I saw it next to the penny! They must have used a magnifying glass to crochet the dress. You found some great things, and a ready made shoe collection too! :)

  4. LOVE those plastic dishes and snoopy bits. Great haul!

    1. Yeah, I don't know why I didn't grab those dishes on the first trip. Duh!

  5. Great finds..That dress is so tiny..Cute little shoes...

  6. I like your finds too! I'm a big fan of rolling pins and have several from my grandmothers. I hate to ask on your open comments, but I'm unable to leave a comment on Lavender Dreams blog (don't know why but I keep getting those "oh, snap" things from blogger. I can't see all her comments per blog post or leave one because the page is too "short." Anyway, if you are able to leave one for her, please tell her I said welcome and that I look forward to reading her posts too. Thanks, Diane!