Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 Journal

Last year I decided to keep a journal.  Something I hadn't done since high school. I was inspired by the Project Life posts I'd seen around Blogland. I also saw the idea of jotting something about every day on a handmade calendar early in the year. So I made a blank book into a journal and wrote about each week which seemed a little more do-able to me. I designed the cover with scrapbook papers and stickers.

For each month I made a collage as a sort of title page.  That was more fun than the writing about my life part! Here are a few:

August is my birthday month in case you're wondering about this one.

It was kind of fun, but to tell the truth I was glad when December rolled around and I was almost done with it. I also avoided writing about the negative things in life which unfortunately left me to usually report on the weather! If this book survives, future generations might be rather bored. At least they'll have some pictures to look at.

Do you keep a journal? Do you write about everything or just the weather??


  1. My blog is my journal I guess. I've never been a diary/journal writer at all.

  2. I really love the art you have created for the pages! I think if I kept a journal, I would bore people to death...LOL So I will enjoy yours instead :) Have a happy day!

  3. Absolutely, absolutely (can I be emphatic enough?), love your pages! What a good idea! I, too, feel that future generations might be bored with me (current generations sometimes feel that way, I can tell, but that's another story). Seems weather is a heavy topic with me, judging by my blog topics. Anyway, I keep a paper journal sporadically. You'd think, by the number of journals on my shelf, that I write like crazy, but a lot of those books have only a few pages filled and some are totally blank. Hummm..... I think I spot a trend! Maybe I should do only page-one's and then add them to a book. What is it they say about good intentions? Hahahaha!

  4. You did well to keep up with it - I don't keep a journal, I'm afraid most days would be pretty boring. It sure is interesting though to read diaries and old notes from long ago...

  5. You really were creative and made some neat pages. I keep a writing journal and write in it every day of my life....mostly about every day happenings. And every year I want to work in a creative journal or make an art journal. Maybe this is the year! Hugs!

  6. I have always thought it would be fun to keep a journal. Other than my bible study journal, I don't keep a daily one just about me. I'm afraid it would bore whoever was unlucky enough to find it. I agree with Kim above..my blogs are my journals. I love your covers.

    1. Thank you! I know how you feel about boring people! Funny!

  7. I guess my blog is my journal...Love collages..Yours are very cute..Good job..I'm sure you enjoyed doing them..

  8. Diane- I like it!
    Each page is different but significant... I bet those who may see it in the future...might appreciate it.
    I used to keep a journal. I guess my blog is my journal...I write about my life. How boring is that?!
    I've given thought lately of some of the things I'd like to go back and do again...journaling is one. I used to journal my personal bible study and prayer requests (and answered prayer) ... don't do that much either.

    I like this one... do you have pages that have personal notes too? Or is it all just picture collage?

  9. Love your collages Diane! I've often thought of writing a journal or keeping an art journal but to be honest the thought of being tied to it day after day (or week after week) is more than I can bear so I've never done it. I am a procrastinator at heart so I fear that it could end up being very blank at the end of the year! Good on you for completing it, I admire your 'stick-to-it-ness'! Deb