Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's Muster #2

The second installment in Diane's collections today. These books were in the background of the first Monday's Muster so I decided to show them right away. They are the "Twins" children's series by Lucy Fitch Perkins. The first book was The Dutch Twins published in 1911. There are 26 books in the series. As you can see I still have a few volumes to find.

The Belgian Twins below was purchased by my mother back in the 70s at a used book sale. My family hung onto it all these years, and I think that's what got me started collecting the series. The Chinese Twins I found at an antique store rather inexpensively about 15 years ago. All the others I've bought through Ebay or Etsy. There are a lot of copies out there; some titles seem more common than others, but condition is not always too great due to their age and sometimes the prices are out of my league.

The Cave Twins is the only book I have with a dust jacket.

Lucy Fitch Perkins also drew the illustrations which are very charming.

Old books have a certain comfort about them. Don't you think? Especially children's books.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love these books and think the illustrations are always so much prettier in the older ones. I don't think I have any of these but I'll keep my eyes open for them from now on. Enjoy your day my friend!

  2. I love your book collection! You are right, I do feel they have a comfort and charm to them. The graphics on the covers are lovely.

  3. The colors and covers on those books, absolutely gorgeous. Loved how muted they are. I'd keep those around just to view for inspiration.

    1. That is another reason I collect them. They look great! I've used them in Etsy photo shoots as props too.

  4. I've never heard of these "twins" books. But I devoured "The Bobbsey Twins" books when I was a kid.

  5. Those are pretty neat books, I've never heard of them before!

  6. What a wonderful collection Diane, I've never heard of that series before. I will keep my eyes peeled for you on my second hand shop excursions just in case!