Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday's Muster #3

Monday once again so that means another collection. This week I am showing print blocks, and they are all the letter D. Why? Both my first name and my husband's first name starts with D. I haven't added to this collection in quite a long time. I started it before print blocks were so hip and trendy and pricey. As you can see, there are a variety of sizes. Some are wood and some are metal, probably lead.

Here is the largest and smallest together. Notice the penny I put in for scale.

These two are a little unusual. The one on the left is a wooden base, but the D is rubber. The one on the right is also a wooden base but a metal printing surface.

I actually have these displayed on a printer's drawer that is hung in my living room as a shadow box.

The reason I'm not showing the entire shelf is my daughter has laid claim to many of the cubbies, displaying things like this.

The larger blocks don't fit in the drawer and so are on a nearby window sill (that I would like to paint this summer-- we'll see).

As a footnote, my dad had a printing press and all the components, including huge drawers and a variety of blocks when he was single. He got rid of everything after he got married. Say it ain't so!

Have a nice Monday!


  1. I love the printers drawer...what a great way to display things. And the letters are great. My husband and I both have D for our middle names! Hugs!

  2. I don't know what happened to my mother's type set tray-- I'd loved to have had in my home.
    I like the "D" collection. I have my name in type set letters...just the short version-- Pat (not Patricia)

  3. I looked into a printers chest at one time to house my rubber stamps..I didn't have the $1000 to pay for one..Love them..

  4. Gorgeous collection and story. I rarely encounter any of those outside of antique malls, a hot item and beautiful pieces of history. Love that you and the hubs are both Ds!

    1. Thanks, Van! Most of mine did come from antique stores but years ago, very nominally priced at that time.

  5. Say it ain't sooooo ...DAD! What a great collection, and how cool that you were hip before anyone else caught on!


  6. That is a cool collection! It must have taken quite a while to find all the different D's....that is such a shame that your dad got rid of the printing press.