Friday, January 10, 2014


So in this digital age when fewer and fewer people are reading "real" books, I decided to add bookmarks to my paper crafting. Typical Diane decision. Anyway, I found kraft card stock blank bookmarks (there's a mouthful) so bought a couple packs. I have made bookmarks in the past on white card stock, but I like the kraft better. Lends itself more to the vintage look I lean toward. Below is a sampling of what I've done so far. Most of these are in my Etsy shop by the way.

Have a good Friday!


  1. Love how productive you are, those are REALLY cute, especially the typewriter one. I love bookmarks, personally, can't do the digital reading, books are so much more tangible.

    1. Thanks, Van! I like actual books too-- nothing like it!

  2. Oh, I am such a tag, and bookmark kind of them. And I love those that you have created.


  3. I'm read real books, don't like the new fangled readers at all. I like to feel the weight of the book in my hands and smell the paper and ink. And I don't think that I'm alone so your bookmarks should sell well, they are lovely! You can never have to many bookmarks :O)

  4. I'm still a book reader too and, while I may eventually try a kindle or something, I'd never stop with books. Love your dog bookmarks, of course!

  5. These are really cute! I love all the themes you came up with.