Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shoes ATC

I haven't posted a challenge entry in quite awhile. This ATC is for Think Monday, Think ATC and their theme, "Shoes." The main image is from a 1918 Ladies Home Journal. I added the yellow background with a marker. The text is from the same shoe ad.

I don't know about that slogan-- those shoes look awfully narrow for my wide foot!

Hope you're wearing comfortable shoes today!


  1. New flip flops! It's 37 degrees outside right now, in sunny Florida, but I know it will warm up later. I'm staying inside for awhile! I can remember my great grandmother wearing shoes like the light-colored one in the middle, but her's were black.

  2. Love those pointy toes! I'm in FL, too and it's cold this morning! I'm wearing cozy slippers! Hugs!

  3. I had on my slip-on easy spirits ...trudging after a cow in the back field! Windy and cold this morning.
    Like this card...those shoes are not my idea of 'comfort'

  4. Flip flops and boots..My winter footwear...People back then had really little , narrow feet..

  5. That is a really cute ATC, but those shoes don't look too comfortable to me :) I will take my flip flops anyday!