Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I know I'm not the only person in the world who is cold right now. This has been a long, snowy, frigid January. Sunday the temp was tolerable.

Yesterday was more like intolerable.

However, the sun did shine most of the day. That does make the world seem a little better.

More cold today then a gradual warm up. At least February is in sight. There is hope!

Hang in there, people! And if you live somewhere above the freezing mark, count your blessings!


  1. Brrr....it is COLD around your place! The temps here in East Texas are right under the freezing mark. Big difference from our weekend that was in the 70's. Bundle up and stay warm...

  2. It's going to be cold and rainy here tomorrow but we've had fabulous weather lately. Take care my friend and stay inside...warm and snug! Hugs!

  3. Yesterday it was in the seventies and it was gloooorious. I ate lunch outside in a short sleeveless dress, aaah. But the cold will be back ;p

  4. I'm f-f-freezing right along with you. I am counting the days until Spring!

  5. We hovered around 39° today.
    It took most of the morning to get the chill out of the house... and finally... I was able to remove my sweater!
    ...stay warm dear, Pat

  6. I'm OK with the cold as long as it's not windy..So far, so good..Maybe tomorrow..

  7. It's still pleasant here, but that's changing. Could I ask a favor again? I still can't leave a comment on Lavender Dreamer's blog. I notice others are having trouble leaving comments on that kind of comment type (not the same as yours and mine). Anyway, she won the book and, unless she checks by my blog, she won't know. I need her address to send the book to her. If you can leave a message for her, I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much! Stay warm!