Friday, August 30, 2013

Halloween, Postcards, And A Halloween Postcard

One of my local thrifts had Halloween items out this week.  Usually holiday decor there is cast offs from the 1990s, but I spied a baggie of candles half hidden under a picture frame.  I was pretty sure the ghost was a Gurley even though there is no bottom label, but the others I had no idea. Did a little online checking, and yes, the jack-o-lanterns are also Gurley.

This pair is still questionable.  I only found one example online. Someone had sold the same set on Ebay as "probably Gurley."  They don't look very Gurleyish to me. Anyone know for sure?

This fairly large blow mold can't be too old as there is a UPC on it, but for two bucks, I thought it would be cute on my front porch this year.

These old postcards came from a garage sale last Saturday. Most of them are around 100 years old.

Quite a few Easter cards. Some I'm keeping, and some will end up on Etsy.  And the fabric background was purchased at the same garage sale. I liked the small scale and thought it had dollhouse possibilities.

Not a bad haul this week. Gurleys and old postcards-- the moon must have been blue.

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Hope you can start the holiday weekend a tad early today! Enjoy!


  1. Love the old postcards..They are always very interesting to look at..

  2. Nice finds this week. Like the Gurleys...will look cute on your porch...good job!!!

  3. You found some great items. I don't know much about Gurley candles but I like the one's you found. Cute blo mold and I love the postcards. Thanks for sharing your finds at TTF.

  4. Love your finds! I'm a new follower! Stop by and visit me sometime. If you love Halloween be sure to check out my older Halloween posts. I collect blow molds!