Sunday, September 1, 2013

Smash Pages

Since I posted about being gifted a Smash Book several days ago, I have completed three pages (and messed around with the cover). I still don't have a real theme of what I'm doing other than stuff I like which I guess is good enough. I doubt many other Smashers have done a page about the Jack Benny radio program.  I've listened to quite a lot of episodes, and they're all pretty funny. 

Once again, I doubt Buffalo Bill has received much attention in Smash Books. He had quite a life, and I actually visited his home and barn in North Platte, Nebraska-- one of the nicest barns I've ever been in.  Big too!

Anyone who knows me, shouldn't be surprised at this page. The background is one of the decorated Smash pages. I did add a few birds to help out my composition-- I'm not telling which ones.

The cover needs a bit of an explanation or apology (?). Since it's embossed, I thought I would dry brush over it to bring up the design.  Well, the paint did nothing for the design so I went over it with a marker. It's okay, but not what I really intended which can be said of many art projects, right?

So there are my first attempts at Smashing. My pages aren't as smashy as the company probably intended, but so far, that's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

Have a fun day!


  1. Your pages are great. I've wanted to do a Western theme for a couple of yours! And guess what....I haven't done anything to my cover yet! lol Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  2. I think you did a "Smashingly" good job! Very nice subjects and I like what you did with the cover. Good start to an very interesting book.

  3. I've never done a smash book but yours looks pretty good so far.

  4. I haven't read a blog all weekend, I'm so glad I kept going down the list and didn't miss your SMASH pages - love them!! Of course, you know the Jim Morrison one caught my eye!!

    I'm scared to decorate my covers, I placed a sticker on one and that's as far as I went, I really want to try something!