Saturday, September 14, 2013

And Speaking Of Frames

Here is another picture frame post. I bought this 5" x 7" picture at a second hand store. I bought it for the frame which I didn't think went too well with the picture anyway.

Boy, someone really wanted that backing to stay in place! It was glued down all over. Usually only the edges are glued or taped.

Look what poor quality mat board did to the picture. Not that I'm a fan of 1980s still life prints, but someone might be. This was pretty much trashed.

Tah dah! The horse portrait is a photo note card I bought on Etsy late last year. Looks pretty good with the frame. Now, I still need a new point gun...

Happy Saturday!


  1. That frame looks excellent against the horses tack, colors, etc. Great choice! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh yes ~ much better. Happy thrifting.

  3. WOW....a big winner!! The horse portrait is so pretty...job well done. It is beautiful!

  4. You did great and I love the horses! I'm definitely trying to look at the frames and know I can take the print or art out of them! I'm learning! Hugs!

  5. great job framing the horses...
    That frame is spectacular...even the older print looked better in it! (I remember it too)