Monday, September 9, 2013

Silly Smashes

I finished a couple more Smash pages. Definitely light-hearted themes. What else would you put on pages decorated with books but books? I decided to turn back the clock-- okay, turn the clock waaaaaaay back to childhood favorites of mine. I still have all of these books.

Since this Smash book has turned into "favorites," and since I had an empty Quisp box laying around (doesn't everyone?), I thought of breakfast cereal from days gone by. Crispy Critters was my favorite back in the day. Kind of miss the old packaging. Did you notice no one was afraid to advertise sugar back then?

What's your favorite cereal?


  1. Very cute.....lots of memories of what was in my children's breakfast bowls. My favorite was French Toast Crunch. Still like it but don't buy it. My kids like Life...all varieties. Have a crunchy Monday!!!!

  2. I don't eat cereal, but I love your pages!! :-)

  3. Oh your pages are so cute! I'm going to get my journal out today and see what I can find for some Fall pages. I always like Cocoa Krispies and Rice Crispies. My hubby still eats Fruit Loops...I'm serious! heehee!

  4. my favorite 'Kid' cereal. Cap'n Crunch,baby! Love that stuff. But it makes the roof of my mouth sore!
    Now days... I like Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, and Raisin Bran. I've always liked those...but when I get a hankering for sweets. It's Cap'n Crunch.

    I'll tell you something funny. My kids were the ages of 5 ,6,7 & 8 before they ever had their first kid cereal. Until then they only ate the cereals list above. No Cap'n Crunch.
    A friend had gone to the store and they were having a "buy one get one for a penny" sale...and she brought over her "penny items" ALL SWEET CEREALS.
    We kid...I tell her she ruined my kids. ;)
    -have a good one, Pat

  5. Loooove this! I don't eat cereal anymore but used to LOVE the unhealthiest ones: cinnamon toast crunch and golden grams, yum. French toast crunch was good too...and life, and...I used to eat a lot of cereal growing up. ;) Still working on losing the weight gained for teen years of ample cereal consumption.