Friday, September 13, 2013

The Frame Saga

I bought this framed certificate at an estate sale for all of 25 cents because I really liked the frame.

Quite a bit later, I thought of a crewel picture I had that my mother made in the 70s. It was in a terribly tacky plastic frame thus hanging in my basement. I had pink spray paint and thought that was a good idea since there is pink in the picture. Nope too neon.

Okay, go over the pink with yellow.  Much better.

Ever see needlework being stretched prior to framing (I once worked in a small frame shop). Looks a bit like some voodoo ritual.

Here we are. Much better than a narrow, plastic frame.  This saga is not over however since my point gun is broken, and those things are not cheap.  One of these days...

Have a good one!


  1. I love that vintage needle point!
    I have one my Granny did...and I don't know why my aunt saved it. But, she sent it to me a couple of years ago on her last move to her small apartment. Imagine my surprise when I got the package, is colorful like yours and the subject matter is a conservatory(?) ...sunroom porch with hanging flowers(?)
    Anyway...I like it for all the bright colors!
    I like yours too!

  2. The needle point is lovely and it really stands out in the frame now! I love finding a neat frame like this for a good price! You did great!

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the yellow!!

  4. Oohhh, I am so envious of your talent/knowledge about framing needlework. I have lots of finished pieces(and, eventually, more unfinished ones) that need that kind of help. I've no idea! And I've made entirely too many pillows. Wonderful price on your frame too, my favorite kind of deal. The crewel work looks great in it!

  5. You are so clever. It's time her work was front and center . . . Well done!

  6. I really like the way that turned out and I'm not particularly fond of yellow, but this looks great.