Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Real Hoot

Well, it's a macrame hoot actually. Just a small haul this week at the thrift store. Old View Master reels. Kinda neat. There's still a View Master in my dad's basement if these don't sell.

What collage artist can pass up a French dictionary for 50 cents? And what's one more macrame owl for my collection? This guy was half price-- only 75 cents. I think he'll be happy among his new friends.

Linking to The Thrifty Groove and Thrifty Things Friday with these few ultra thrifty finds.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I like the macramé owl - reminds me of the 70's!

  2. Love all the finds, especially the owl of course :) Those owls were still lingering around when I was a toddler in the late 80s, I recall having an odd fascination with them!

    1. I, obviously, like those owls too. It's amazing how many different styles there were-- and the different cords too.

  3. the view master reels...are those for a view master, the little red one, like the kids used? I think they still make those right?
    These vintage reels are so cool. Even the covers would be neat for some of your collage art.
    I think I have a french text book (it's quite old) and the old is just cool. I love it. I always enjoy seeing things from the past with that vintage-y vibe to them.
    He'd look sweet hanging on my porch. Really.
    have a great week. Pat

  4. The French dictionary is amazing and I still have my view master, too! lol Love that hooty owl! What fun you had!

  5. You did find some great things this week. I wish I still had my view master! Love the owl, but oh that french dictionary is wonderful!! Thanks for linking up to TTF this week.

  6. Love your finds!! Like the dictionary...will come in handy I bet! Years ago - in the 70's - I macraméd a lot. Gave them as gifts and I am surprised that many people still have them hanging. I really enjoyed it.

  7. I remember learning macrame when I was in high school. Oh the memories...