Friday, August 9, 2013

Another Week's Junque

Back this Friday with some more thrift and a rare Thursday estate sale finds. My local resale shop had a laundry basket of Christmas stuff this week.  Christmas in August? Guess they're either late for Christmas in July or early for the regular Christmas season. Whichever, I bought the items below.  I don't think that tree is vintage-- looks too new, although it is marked Taiwan on the bottom. The deer is old, made in Japan. That's a keeper so is the tree; I have a small forest of them I put out every December. Mrs. and Mr. Claus will help someone have a Kitschy Christmas; they'll find their way to Etsy in a month or so.

How about the atomic bowl?  Pretty nifty.  The Currier & Ives plate is none too rare. My grandparents had these as their everyday dishes back in the 60s and beyond. And for 10 cents, I couldn't pass it up.

Cute aprons!   

Yes, I have to admit that I bought this. I dunno-- something about it appealed to my 1970s roots and the fact someone took time to make a picture of a potty! Stay tuned as I intend to paint the frame. I took it apart and didn't realize until then that the frame is plastic. This piece just gets tackier by the minute!

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Enjoy your day!


  1. Love the Santa and Mrs Claus!! I bought a frame the other day and hope to make it over also~!

    thanks for linking to TTF this week.


  2. Love the atomic bowl - it's so Jetsons!

    Today I found a Pottery Barn metal glider patio chair with matching side table and got the 2 of them for $ 12.00 - SCORE!!! I have to re-paint them but I am so thrilled.

  3. Love that deer! Very cute! Found you over at TTF!