Monday, August 5, 2013

Folio Thingies

I recently made a bunch of mini-folio-journal-photo-album-thingies from scrapbook papers. They vary in size but are about 2 1/2" x 3". The idea is to use them in photo albums, scrapbooks, etc., or you could use them alone as mini albums. The idea is to attach photos and write info on the spaces provided. 

This one has a removable tag on the front.


So what would you call these? Do they already have a name for them? I'm going with "mini journal photo folio" which is not too zippy.  Any suggestions?

Have a clever day out there!

UPDATE: So everyone can sleep better out there-- I decided on "Mini Scrap Folder."  There are a few in my Etsy shop now.


  1. I like! Thumbs up.

  2. I would call them Oma's Brag Book! LOL... :) Pat

  3. They are very cute! Are you going to put them in your Etsy store? (I'll go look!) I think they would sell! Sweet hugs!

  4. Very cute! How about Jo-Pho-folio?? :-)