Monday, August 19, 2013

Puttering Around The House

A few of you might remember the garage sale dollhouse I bought last fall. I did some work in there last week. Here are the results. With the thrift store faux suede I made a couch and ottoman. The chair is made from a scrap of fabric I've had for years. With the exception of using my somewhat broken glue gun, these were pretty easy to make.  I found the instructions here. I strayed a bit from the guidelines, using cardboard (stacked) instead of wood-- didn't feel like sawing. I also added a bit of fiber fill to the top of the cardboard before upholstering. The legs are push pins that I painted since I only had clear. The "gimp" is twisted cording I made from crochet cotton.

My nine-year-old wanted to get in on the act and so made a bunch of pillows.

Here is the living room, recently painted. I actually purchased the rug on Ebay. The curtains are really a specialty type paper, but it looks like sheers. The TV is an estate sale purchase last fall.  I believe it is handmade. The screen is a slide/transparency. There is a hole in the bottom that I'm assuming was for a tiny light. Kind of interesting.

Here is the bedroom that I painted and papered awhile ago. I just added the curtains and valance and fancy carpet (it's a piece of felt). The dresser I've had for about 35 years (yikes!). It was originally a dark stain and in my old house for awhile. However, it was kind of big so it spent many years in the dollhouse attic. The vase is an old 1970s macrame bead. And anyone who has ever ordered thick crust pizza to take home knows where that little stool came from.

Somewhat cheap, put together yourself, kitchen appliances and counters that I made earlier this year. It's not what I really want in there, but for the money it will do for now.

I added paper plates to the sale hutch I bought.  Really dresses it up.

So there-- you're up to speed on the dollhouse.  The next step is to try printing and installing wood flooring from the same site where I found the sofa instructions. Hope that goes well.

Have a cute, little day!


  1. Oh, I love everything you've done! The little yellow room sure is sweet and I love the plates you put in the hutch. I want to get a of these days! What fun to decorate!

  2. Oh My have done such a wonderful job on your dollhouse. I wish my hands worked well with little stuff but not anymore. You have such an eye for detail and a way of using "everything". Such talent. So very cute!!! And your daughter did a great job on the pillows....guess she gets her talent from you!!

  3. That house has come a long way from what it looked like when you first got it. Great job. Your daughter is very talented.

  4. Oh my... I remember now that you bought this house last year.
    This furniture is adorable.
    Now more than ever...I want one of these! I think this would be so fun to create furniture for a little house. I'd love to do this with my Granddaughter.
    I used to make furniture for my barbies with my Granny's help. :)

  5. Oh, great stuff! thanks for sharing. Lisa xx