Sunday, August 11, 2013

On A Roll

More junk to share today. A very nearby estate sale and a thoughtful aunt netted the items below. The purple thing on the far left is a sap bucket.  Remember years ago when those were all the rage? You'd be doing good to get one for five or ten bucks-- this one was 50 cents.  Even though it matches the trim on my house, I intend to paint it and add a design or words or...  How about the mod box on the right? Love it! It's a Halloween wig!

Second bottle brush tree this week.  This one is quite small which I like. The estate sale had quite a lot of Christmas angels which were very near antique store prices. Can I get on my soapbox about that? It's not a store-- prices written on masking tape, people crammed into a house, poor lighting, dirty basements... not exactly antique store atmosphere, and no recourse if you buy something damaged. Wasn't the original intent of an estate sale to get rid of stuff? At antique store prices, I don't see things moving.  All that said, I went back the second day and got this girl half off. So maybe Diane should shut up.
Have a nice, quiet  Sunday!


  1. The angel is sweet and half off makes it real nice!

  2. I've never been to an estate sale...I stick to 2 thrift stores that I like. They are starting to know me there! heehee! Love your sweet angel and that sap bucket is a fun find! Hugs!

  3. We stopped at an estate sale today and I was appalled at the prices - I kept looking at things and saying to my husband "Are they serious??" I couldn't believe the high prices.

    So we went down the road to a garage sale and scored an old glass cookie jar and a really nice wooden trunk.

  4. Have you seen the trees that they bleached, and they are a soft pink color, too cute if those are the colors that you like...


  5. Nice finds!! You did good!!