Thursday, June 30, 2016

ICAD 26-30

Hello! Here is the next ICAD update. For this first card I used the prompt "winter," however I uploaded it a couple days late. I happened on some winter photos in an old magazine so decided to make a winter card even though the prompt had passed so to speak. It was rather refreshing to see snow on a hot day. I also added some craft paint around the edges and spatters to look like snowflakes.

I think this one speaks for itself. Just markers.

I used the prompt "cats &/or dogs" for this. Rubber stamps/ink, craft paint, marker.

No prompt or reasoning behind this card. I just liked the photo which is a magazine clipping from some ad. These folks were at a ground breaking ceremony; don't they seem to be having a good time? The colors were added with craft paint.

The same story on this card as the above. Just a couple magazine clippings and some craft paint. "Typewriter" was a prompt way back toward the beginning. I guess I'm just fashionably late.

Thanks for viewing! On to July already!!


  1. Love the dog and the winter garden !! Good job..HAve a happy and safe weekend..

  2. The groundbreaking photo is totally boss! People really knew how to dress for an event back then. I so enjoy seeing vintage photos in new art.