Monday, June 20, 2016

ICAD 16-20

ICAD time once again. Another collage for card no. 16. Mostly magazine clippings, there is also a little washi and a paint chip in there.

In the "never say never" file, I only planned on using one prompt for this week, but ended up with five! It may come as no surprise that "landscape" was this prompt. I cut out the scene on the left with the lake then decided to add the trees, some foreground, fill in with some paint... and before I knew it I had a landscape. I had to double-check that prompt on the official list. Yes...

Here is another prompt; no, not Kool-Aid, "orange." But, yes, that is an actual Kool-Aid packet (sans powder), plus a sticker, snippets from various sources, and a can label.

Yes, another prompt, which is "snowflake--" what else? My snowflakes were cut and punched from an index card, of course. The background is craft paint, and the silver edging is ink.

This last card used the prompt "1960s." All of these chicks were cut from period catalogs or magazines. I added the mod colors with craft paint.

Thanks for looking and have a good week out there!


  1. Interesting collection. I like the first one but the last one is my favorite. Stay cool

  2. I love them, but the last one is my fave, too!
    Super cool!

  3. I think you did a beautiful job on the landscape themed one... I do like the 1960s with the mod- clothes... particularly the crocheted vest...
    but my favorite in this set?
    "HEY! KOOL-AID!!"

  4. Great ICAD's Diane, love the Kool-aid and the snowflake cut from the index card, brilliant! Deb xo