Friday, June 10, 2016

ICAD 6-10

I'm back with the next group of ICAD cards. Number six is just a collage, using old magazine clippings. The little bird is a wooden scrapbook embellishment. I also added some paint and marker.

Number seven went in a more modern direction. Craft paint background, punched squares, hand drawn squares, and an old catalog image.

I used the "island" prompt for number eight. A rather simple collage. The "Gilligan's" image I printed off the internet, and the rest are pictures and text from a catalog.

Number nine is a mixed media type collage of paint, magazine clippings, washi tape, rubber stamp, gel pen... yeah, pretty mixed.

I followed another prompt for this one: cobalt blue. Magazine clippings (mostly from the same mag-- is cobalt a hot color? I wasn't aware). Some punched leaves and marker "dots." Watercolor background by the way.

Thanks for viewing and stay cool if you're in the steam like I'm supposed to be for a couple of days.


  1. Nice collection. Love the cobalt. Stay cool

  2. We've gotten nothing but rain the last couple of weekends - though the weekdays have been so-so. Humid here but not hot-- I'd rather be Hot!
    Love your cards the modern touch with the chair and squares stands out the most--- I do like the themed cards too-- I stick to the theme -too scared to branch out! So I do like the Gilligan and the Cobalt!!!
    I'll be back check some more-- I just realized I'm behind on posting to the blog-
    I should probably think about doing that!
    See you there!