Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ICAD 11-15

ICAD update time... this first card uses the prompt "baseball," and you can't get more "baseball" than Babe Ruth, right? The baseball card is a repro card from a Dover book that I've had for a few years.  The curvy stripe is part of an old yarn label. Also catalog clippings, rubber stamp/ink and marker.

Gee, two prompts in a row! This one is obviously, "TV." I'm not totally thrilled with the outcome. Kinda predictable, but they all can't be blockbusters, right? Craft paint background, scrapbook paper, sticker, catalog clippings, markers, and that test pattern is from ye olde internet.

The still popular zentangle style. I haven't done a lot with this technique and that probably shows, but it's fun.

And speaking of popular, I went with the "art journal" look on card #14. Catalog clippings, craft paint and a little washi.

The last one is terribly simple, but I do like the effect. The bird image and "LIKE" just happened to be next to each other on my work space, and I liked the way they looked together. Both were cut from a magazine, craft paint background.
Until next time-- thanks for viewing!


  1. We were one of the first people to get a tv (not color) in our neighborhood. I remember friends coming over to see it and even a few looking through the window! I sent another one of the cards you made to my sister this week. I'm going to have to see what's new in your shop! HUGS!

  2. Good ones..Like the Babe Ruth one and the birdie..
    Great job..

  3. I finally posted week 1 ICADs on my blog...
    coming to check these out. I love naturally, I love the Babe Ruth card.
    I'm on an ORANGE kick this summer... and I'm really diggin' the bird card. In fact, I LIKE IT!

    Thanks again for the email! That cheered my day!