Sunday, June 5, 2016

ICAD 2-5

As promised here is the first batch of my ICAD cards. You may or may not know there are daily prompts which I generally don't follow (go ahead, insert an opinion). This first card is a random craft paint background, magazine clippings, and added designs with gesso.

Now this Snoopy card I did use the prompt which was... Snoopy, of course! The main image is a vintage playing card. The remainder is rubber stamping colored in with markers.

Number four is watercolor "squares" and simple daisies made from markers.

A rather simple card for #5. I had quite a few magazine snippets scattered about my work surface so decided to put them to use. The background is craft paint; the flowers are punched from old wrapping paper with added marker outlines.

There you have four cards. Thanks for viewing and get crafty!!


  1. Love Snoopy...worked on some birthday cards today.

  2. I love the happy dance! If we get some rain and no bad storms from this tropical storm...I'll do one! lol Hugs!

  3. I use the prompts because I lack imagination. I'm finding them a little constricting - but it's year 2 for me, who knows maybe I'll break free and be completely random! ( opinion inserted)
    These cards: you are so creative ! Love Snoopy. I like the orange. Bunch right now -- so the last card is appealing. But the water color squares I think I like the most! Even your blue card at the top is cool!

    Take care!