Monday, July 4, 2016

ICAD 31-34

For the First of June and the First of July I have always made cards for ICAD featuring those dates. So since ICAD #31 is actually July 1-- here is my 31st card. Scrapbook paper, sequins, marker.

This card is rather simple but sometimes that's all a design needs. The chic woman and estate photo are from an old magazine. I added the "swirls" with craft paint.

Obviously a collage-y type card. This one uses old pattern tissue, magazine and book clippings, and the "stitching" at the bottom was made with a marker. Oh yeah-- watercolor background.

A rather patriotic looking collage for the 4th of July. I didn't really have that in mind when I started. I built it around the gym shoes. Mostly magazine clippings--that little flourish strip is scrapbook paper.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Be careful out there!


  1. Love your red white and blue. Very festive. Just started to rain here!

  2. I love all the red white and blue too! I think the birds are my favorite... I like the tissue paper pattern ...and I had to click to enlarge, because your stitching looked genuine! great job!

  3. Sorry I am so late commenting Diane, wonderful ICAD's and hope you had a fabulous 4th! Deb xo

  4. Love seeing them, my favorites in this post are the chic woman and the one with the tennis shoes!