Monday, July 25, 2016

ICAD 50-54

ICAD is winding down already! I find that very hard to believe, but then again, July always goes by fast. The first two cards are the ever popular mixed media; magazine clippings and paint.

And the new popular (with me) craft paint and marker doodling.

I don't think I used an old pattern image this year so here you are... A little added paint and marker.

So have you melted yet??? I think most folks near me have. Stay cool out there!


  1. Not melted yet... though yesterday was close to it.
    Could have been I was just working hard!
    The craft paint and marker cards are cool! I do lots of paint/marker stuff. For me, this year, I experimented with more collage and mixed media. You and I have flipped-flopped!
    I am still working on getting my posts up- and am still behind. Even though this is the last week. I'll only be about 1 week behind by the end of the month! Yay me!

  2. I like the first two the best..The second one is beautiful..good job..I'll bet you had fun doing them..have a good evening.

  3. I love the doodling! And I know it's fun...I should do it more! Hugs!