Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Last of ICAD 2016 (well, technically...)

Here we are-- the last of the ICAD cards for 2016. However, as my title hinted at, I have quite a few "leftovers" that I'll share another day, but these are the last "official" cards. Two more pattern/doodle cards made with markers.

Yep, another mixed media type. The background is a monoprint scrap, and I'm sure you know by now the rest is magazine clippings and a marker border.

This one I goofed around with since I didn't like the initial outcome, but I think I saved it. Magazine clippings, old book images, and craft paint.

Another trendy design-- craft paint, magazine clippings, tape transfer. And I have to say: what is with these models' hair styles???

Yes, more markers! You must admit this one is colorful.

And lastly, I used the first card in the pack with the company name and info printed on it. I just happened to grab it accidentally then thought: why not??

And because you haven't seen enough of these cards in the last two months, stay tuned for my "leftovers." There are a lot this year too!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy August!

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  1. I like the book images and craft paint..Pretty...You've been busy