Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pocket Letters

Have you heard about pocket letters? Read the official lowdown here. It's a new mail swap, using trading card page protectors. You are to fill each pocket with something; just what is up to you, but what I've seen the contents usually are pattern papers, stickers, sequins, scrapbooking type stuff. Jill at Little Bit Of Everything asked if I was into the pocket letter craze and offered to send me one of her creations. I never made one before but decided to give it a try. Since I read Jill's blog, I know a little about her-- for example, she's a David Cassidy fan, likes to make Smash books, and collects Vera scarves so I was able to personalize this "letter."

It's sort of hard to know where to begin and where to stop. The upper left is an old playing card-- they usually are the perfect size for these pockets. David is a copy of one of my books, a cut Bingo card and a few Bingo pieces. The middle row is an old cookbook page folded up with stickers tucked inside. Next is a Vera ATC I made. The collagey looking paper on the right is one of those notebooks I make out of scrapbook paper. They are the right size too. Bottom left is some journaling tidbits. In the middle are a few Smash pad pages (I did have to trim those to get them to fit) and a couple of my inchies. Lastly is just a piece of an old greeting card that I added "Happy mail" to.

A lot of these pages are decorated on the top of the plastic with word type stickers which I don't have much of so added some image stickers instead and some washi tape to keep things from falling out.

On the back I added pattern paper if the backside was plain. I also stuck on a couple pieces of washi tape.

So let's see what's inside...

Some of these were slid in between the front and back as little surprises.

Now, let's see what Jill sent to me... She decorated everything!  Even the back of the envelope (upper left).

 Here is one side of her letter-- look at all that detail!

And here is the other side; just as lovely!

Look at the fun things she included!  Jill mentioned to me that making these letters seems to take some time, and I can see why! She really put in a lot of effort! She wrote a post about pocket letters recently; you can read it here.
Many thanks, Jill. I think I got the better end of the deal!!!

Have a fun day out there!


  1. What fun! I read about these at Jill's and couldn't wait to see your post too. I found one of these trading card pages that I had stickers in a notebook. So I took them case I decide to try to make some of these. They are just the cutest! You are both so talented! Hugs, Diane

  2. Very cute did well...Very much "stuff".Hope you are having a good day

  3. What a showcase for our letters, Diane - it's lovely!!! It was such fun to make for you - I love all the little bits and pieces you included. I used one of the inchies yesterday on a SMASH page, I'm going to send you a pic - they are the cutest thing!!

  4. Neato, I've never seen those before, I'm obviously out of the loop! Wonderful pocket letter from Jill and the one you made for her was equally as wonderful.