Monday, June 8, 2015

ICAD The First Week

Here are the first week's worth of ICAD cards-- well, I'm not showing the first one again; in case you missed it, scroll down to June 1st.

This one has a light layer of acrylic paint on the background. The rest is markers, a magazine clipping, and vintage postage stamps. That is song lyrics I wrote for no reason other than I thought it needed some words. Bonus points if you know the song (w/o looking it up).

I followed the prompt of "draw a map" in a roundabout fashion. I didn't draw a map but did include a couple. They are from an old BH & G garden book.

You guessed it-- the last day of school around here.  Yea!!

I followed the "owls" prompt for this one because I had the owl stamp and owl washi tape. Might as well use them.

I decided after the vintage-y type cards I had been doing, it was time for something completely different. 1970s magazine clippings and markers.

This one was a tad different too-- 1970s wrapping paper. 

You're all caught up now-- you can breathe easier.  Have a good day!!


  1. Love the first two and the owls..Very pretty..Have a wonderful week..

  2. Okay! Your ICADs are wonderful!
    I drew all mine! I posted right after you commented earlier. ;)

  3. Great cards! So fun to find someone I know who is also doing ICAD.

  4. I learn so much from you - I love the way you place everything - it's all handy for pocket letters!!!

  5. Great ICAD cards Diane and the only song I can think of is 'Singing In The Rain' but I'm pretty sure that's not it LOL!

  6. ok, you're totally making me want to collage... preferably with vintage paper... and some washi tape... and 1970's images... and... well, i guess i'll just say, "love, love, love" and shut up for now, lol! :)