Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ICAD Winding Down June

Can it really be the end of June? I'm not ready for that! Here are the latest ICAD creations. 

An ode to inchies. The "Home & Yard" inchie is a real inchie I made and glued to the card. The others were drawn right on the card.

I followed the prompt "botanic" for this card, using old images and text along with a newer catalog photo and scrapbook paper.

Hmm... how do I explain this one? I cut out some interesting windows from an old magazine, added some vintage book text, and drew some Native American designs (I have a reference book). That's it-- no other explanation.

I guess I was on "collage mode" this week. Here is another. Watercolor background and paper scraps.

The background for this one is a catalog clipping of book spines. I used markers for the flowers.

Well, on to July! Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the windows and the flowers...Ya done good...!! July already!!1

  2. I missed this one! I love all your collages. Why am I not surprised you have a reference book with Native American drawings?!