Friday, June 19, 2015

ICAD For The Middle of June

Can June be more than half over already? It doesn't seem possible, but here are the ICAD cards I made since my last ICAD post so I guess that proves it.

This first one is scraps from the mail art envelopes I make, the painted magazine pages. I added the words and envelopes with markers.

This is a collage of newer catalog clippings. I drew in "Bluebird" with a marker. Just for the record, that is a Mountain Bluebird.

I was going through some smaller pieces of scrapbook paper I have and came across the denim with the flowers. I decided to play that up and make a sort of 70s denim look card. The other flowers and stitch lines I added with markers.

This is an ode to the rainy weather we've had lately. Last year was a very wet June, and this year is a even a little worse. The landscape was cut from a magazine. I added the raindrops and all the text.

A black and white illustration from an old sewing book received a snazzy update with my markers.

These June days are really flying by! I hope the summer doesn't disappear in a blink!

Have a nice day out there!


  1. You and me both! (about summertime). I like that bluebird card especially! Very very pretty! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend.