Monday, June 29, 2015

A Good Estate Sale-- Finally!

It has been much too long since I went to a good estate sale, but I finally did just that last weekend. Let's see what I bought...

Some Swiss straw flowers from years gone by, chenille stems for crafting, and two never used bookmarks.

An old set of those coasters you put over your glass, in good condition too. A never used package of inflatable hangers (too fun!), and what is the red and white polka dot fabric? It's an apron-- looks very "I Love Lucy" to me.

A vintage (of course) tin box, two noise makers, and a straw flower pillar-paperweight-statue thing (not sure how I will title that on Etsy).

Two very old ledger books. The "Cash" one has only a couple pages used, and the "Day" one is almost full and dated from the early 20s. A Girls Scout songbook from 1949, library due date cards, air mail envelopes, a never used deck of miniature playing cards, and two postcard folders.

These teeny items are in the first photo, on the left. About an inch to an inch and a half big, they are old craft pieces, although, you can see the one still in the package is a party favor-- get the book title? Cute.

So finally a decent sale. I was beginning to lose faith! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow..good finds..I remember those noise makers..Never heard of putting coasters over your glass !!

  2. I love that song book! And I've never heard of those hangers funny. Of course the apron is amazing too! What fun you had! Hugs, Diane

  3. I remember the coaster for your glasses... seems like they came about the same time as wrist sweat bands! HA! somebody got wise... didn't they?
    Those straw flowers... would make a cute garland or bunting for the porch! (with a patriotic twist)
    Air mail envelopes and library cards... cool!

  4. Love the apron. There was an awesome sounding estate sale up in Lake Geneva last weekend that I really wanted to go to - lots of great looking stuff. Unfortunately we couldn't get up there for it. :-(

  5. Love the apron but I am drooling over the old ledger books. They are SO expensive and not easy to find anymore. Great score!

  6. You came home with some great goodies - lucky you!!! I'm sure you'll be putting some of those things to good use!!