Thursday, April 9, 2015


Regular readers know I have a slight (cough, cough) addiction to making inchies. Besides the one inch squares, there are twinchies, thrinchies, and rinchies which translate to two inch squares, three inch squares, and one inch rounds. I recently tried making twinchies. Here are the results:

Here is one next to an inchie; sort of hard to get a sense of scale just seeing them together.

So yet another paper craft found on the internet. Is there no end??

Have a nice day!


  1. No Diane..There is no end..They are adorable but look very labor intensive..

  2. I've never tried inchies (or ATCs) but I do like #8 tags. The smaller format appeals to me because of the narrow, vertical composition challenge. I am inspired by you to try some other formats.

  3. Good grief woman, you are a paper crafting machine! Amazing the size difference between the twinchie and the inchie, the twinchie looks huge even though I know it's teeny tiny too! And thrinchies and rinchies??!! I'd never heard of either of those, you always are coming up with something new!