Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Smashed Songs

My Smash book for songs got some attention recently. Here's the latest:

Yes, more Zeppelin; maybe I should have just made a Zeppelin Smash book. The big raindrops were preprinted in the book. I didn't remember that when I thought to do this song; what luck!

If you don't know that is Jimmy Page playing the guitar, you have my utmost sympathy.

 Hey, a "non-Zeppelin" song! Yes, I do listen to other bands on occasion.
Have a smashing good day!


  1. omg!!! how ♥COOL♥ are these, both as an idea and then as finished pages!!! i bow down to your collagey rock goddessyness! (yes, that is too a word, ask jimmy page, lol!) :)

  2. How I LOVE the horses on the last page...especially the small ones at the bottom. Very nice pages my friend. Makes me want to smash something! lol Hugs!!!

  3. How about "Raindrops keep falling on my head??? Pretty books..good job Diane...

  4. I need to do paper crafts like these again, you post reminded me of how much I miss 'em.

  5. Umm, is there any other band than Led Zepplin??!! I don't think so! Great smash book pages and yes, my sympathies also to those who don't know Jimmy :O)

  6. These are so great, Diane. There is a Canadian troupe that plays all over North America, they're called Classic Albums Live, they do various albums, note for note - we've seen various ones - Led Zeppelin 2 was one of the lastest ones - we've seen them perform the Doors, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, PInk Floyd - you'd appreciate their concerts, so good!!!