Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Finds

April First netted a few finds. I think that's more than I found all of March!!

The Degas book has a number of paintings that I had never seen before.

The Beatrix postcard book has a wide variety of subject matter. How about this guy?

The blue scarf has zebras on it. I thought that was sort of unusual. It must be vintage as it has a "Made in Japan" label.

Last but far from least: a Vera scarf!  It has been literally years since I found one of those.

Not bad. Maybe things will pick up from here.

Have a super duper day!


  1. we are barely even into april and already you are ON FIRE! wow! you really scored with these, especially that vera scarf, those are thin on the ground indeed as bargains! (tho secretly the zebras are my sentimental fave!) :)

  2. ps: totally diggin' the fab new blog header! <3

  3. Fun finds..And April isn't even half over..Love the scarf..

  4. I like the scarf but I doubt it would look any good on me

  5. Wow, what great finds! Love the Beatrix Potter book ♡

  6. Oh, yay - a Vera - good for you - so pretty!!