Thursday, February 12, 2015

You'll Never Believe What I Bought...

... at the thrift store.  But first the stuff you will believe. A small Mary Engelbreit gift book, two old chenille type doilies that were made in Belgium, and an old set of ironing board fasteners. I had never heard of those before-- have you? Kind of neat to display in a laundry room if you're luck enough to have one other than a dingy basement (let's me out).

Another ME product-- a photo bookmark.  And not one, but four complete decks of old playing cards in nice condition too.

I rarely see dollhouse items at the thrifts, but I was lucky to spy carpet and wooden flooring, neither of which I have ever had before.  Cool!

So here is the thing you won't believe.  Yes, a toilet seat!  We needed a new one, and this one was new, still in its packaging.  I'll let you insert some sort of potty humor here.

Hmm... maybe I should leave you with a better picture...  Lilacs from last year.
 Thanks for looking!


  1. I remember those ironing board cover holders. My mom had them on hers when I was a kid. Ironing board covers didn't have the elastic around the edges back then, so you had to secure the cover underneath the board by clipping and strapping the edges. :-) Crap, I am getting old.....

  2. Love the cat and the Rooster note cards..Yes, I have seen ironing board clips..Not recently though..

  3. Nope never heard of the clips before...

  4. Score on the cards! Cute ones too!

  5. You did very well thrifting today! Never heard of the ironing board covers either and love all those playing cards, great find. All I'll say about the toilet seat is thank goodness it's not used :O)