Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Sunday Postcard Art's theme this week is "Pieces of Pictures." I took a literal route and cut pieces from pictures in magazines. Enough to fill a 4" x 6" space. So which arrangement do you prefer? This first one is just random.

This one is alternating (more or less) flowers with landscapes.

Below is a color type arrangement.

This one is sort of alternating colors.

And this one is logical-- from sky down to flowers.

I went logical with a little tweaking. After I glued the pieces down, I had no idea what to do with it. I decided it looked like a real postcard so went with that.

Hope you find yourself somewhere pleasant today.  Thanks for viewing!


  1. I think they all look great! Just so nice to see some warm weather colors in all of this frigid weather!

  2. I like the first one and alternating colors..They seem to flow the best...

  3. As I read and watched your postcard being arranged, I thought to myself it could be an advertisement for a vacation resort. LoL I definitely saw what you saw. Fun idea!

  4. Very cool, I'm liking the one arranged by colours and the 'sky down' arrangements. Great postcard Diane.

  5. What a fabulous postcard and a great idea...so beautiful

  6. They all look good - for me the alternating one is where my eye is drawn! Fantastic take on the theme.

    1. Thanks much for your comment. I'm finding it interesting that everyone seems to like a different version.