Friday, September 26, 2014

Movie ATCs

Another challenge entry (or two) today. Think Monday, Think ATC has a theme this week that I could not pass up: Film, Movie. I wanted to make one with Buster Keaton and decided on his short, silent film The Boat. Well, I goofed and goofed with it which is pretty unusual for me. I'm still not thrilled with it so I decided to redeem myself by making a second one. 

So here is the "I'm not too thrilled with it" ATC. By the way, their serious expressions might give you the wrong impression about this movie if you've never seen it (and I'd wager you have not). It's slapstick all the way. The actress is Sybil Seely, my favorite Buster leading lady. Incidentally, the boat's name is Damfino which is where the Buster Keaton fan club, The Damfinos, get their name.

And here is my second attempt which I like better. Probably the best scene in the whole movie.

Have a Batastic weekend!!


  1. We are our own worst critics! Hah!!

    You have a good weekend too!!!

  2. HaHa! Love the Batman one! We watched the show all the time as kids. I was up half the night fiddling with a birthday card. I finally scrapped it and made something totally different. So I know what you mean...

  3. Good job Diane. You're too hard on yourself. Have a great weekend.

  4. wow - love the Batman ATC