Friday, September 19, 2014

Lastest Thrift Buys

I bought more than my usual pittance at the thrift store last week. I only had a twenty with me and knew the clerks would go into a panic trying to break it so I added a couple things I might have otherwise left behind. A sort of neat, sort of odd, cloth Cheshire Cat. A Disney Easter-themed tin box, and next to that a colorful pottery mug that is signed on the bottom, but so far, I haven't found this potter. The girl figurine was made in Norway.

I seldom find vintage cards at thrift stores but did luck into some that day. These, obviously, are wedding cards.

A couple "thinking of you" and get well cards,

Even the interiors were cuter back then.

I also carried home a 1968, double Barbie case in good condition. None of my Barbie cases survived.  Sort of fell apart on me. This one is pretty.

 And inside, the former owner left behind a few accessories.

By the way, the clerks still couldn't break my twenty!  I had to go to the post office, where I handed the clerk a twenty for a 70 cent stamp. Luckily he knows me, and we joked about it. Then I trotted back to the thrift store with acceptable currency.

Have a good, small bill day!


  1. Great Barbie case! On my way to hit some sales - good luck today if you do the same.

  2. I know what you mean - finding vintage cards at the thrifts is a rare event!! They're so much nicer than the cards now!!

    Love the Barbie case - are you going to fill it up? I have the little round case too!!!

  3. Great fines. I can't imagine that somebody selling things like this wouldn't have change. I guess they expect you to say" keep the change."

  4. I love those cards...I especially love that Chessire Cat in the back!

    1. Vintage cards are so neat. Isn't it amazing to some some unused all these years later? I like the Chesire Cat too. I have a plush that looks like the Disney movie; I should set them together. Thanks for commenting!

  5. The Barbie trunk is a real find! Something everyone that loves dolls would LOVE to find! I remember, mine was black. But it wouldn't matter...if I found one, I would get it! heehee! You did GOOD! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. I Love the Cheshire Cat . . . what an odd and wonderful find:)