Friday, September 12, 2014

Last Minute Finds

I made it to an estate sale with only about a half hour to spare on the last day but still found some fun things. First up is a tub of old cake/cupcake decorations. Some where stamped "Hong Kong" on the bottom so they go back quite a ways. 

The card game on the left came from a garage sale the same day.  It's not old, but I thought the cards might have crafting potential. Here are some of the cake decorations. The deer is an old ornament; I wonder how he got into the cake bin? Not shown were three tiny baby rattles that actually rattle.

There were quite a few of these little wooden kids; they're pretty cute. Uh-- those bathing beauties better pull up the tops of their suits.

The record player, records, and phone will go in one of the dollhouses.

Fun, old necktie boxes that I'll add to my "empty Xmas box" collection.

Bright, 70s era crewel picture. This was pretty dusty when I bought it, but it cleaned up well.

These LPs came from a garage sale. The Batman fan in me liked the cover on the left.

I actually was thinking about retiring these sort of posts since I hadn't found anything interesting lately, but who knows what I'll come across?

Thanks for reading!


  1. No - do not retire these posts. They are my favorites!

    Love the cute little crewel picture.

  2. I'm with the others, please don't retire these posts. I love seeing what you've found, especially when I can't "get out there" and look myself. I'm really fond of those cake/cupcake decorations! I'm always looking out for them but have never found any.

  3. Love seeing these posts--
    love seeing what others find in their area..
    I was thinking the same thing about the record player, phone and records... definitely doll house materials!

  4. I love that little red deer. It's fun to find vintage Christmas any time of the year! Hugs!

  5. The little ballerinas and tiny phone are my favorites!

  6. That's a lot of things to find in one minute. Quite an assortment! Enjoy! Have a great weekend.