Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1967 Baby

Here's what babies born in 1967 were wearing and using from the Sears Spring/Summer catalog.

Any mothers from that era must remember "plastic pants."

Strollers have changed quite a bit, haven't they?

I'd say the high chairs look close to today's models. My neighbor who had children in the late 50s said she bought a wooden high chair used and sold it for what she paid for it when she no longer needed it. The new plastic type one I used for my daughter went in the garbage when we were through with it. What does that say about our disposable society?

New mothers today never heard of "bathinettes," I'd bet. My folks had one. And spell check does not recognize the word "bathinette."

You could even buy feeding supplies from Sears. Everything but the baby! And do you realize those 1967 babies are 47 years old (or soon will be)?  That means they could even be grandparents now. Eeekkk!!

Have a sweet day!


  1. What a fun blast from the past! Cloth diapers/plastic pants>Huggies/Pampers>Cloth diapers. :-)

  2. I remember those little gowns with the drawstring bottom. I had my first baby boy in '67! I had all of them when I was YOUNG! lol Hugs!

  3. I just checked Bathinette on Wikopedia..no such word..I remember Bassinette and that is a word..And yes, I remember the plastic pants too...

    1. Just thought I'd add this for anyone reading the comments: "Bathinette" can be seen on the above catalog page. It is also referenced here http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bathinette?s=t

      It is an outdated word; I imagine a lot of sources do not have info.

  4. This is the second blog in the past few days that I've seen a bathinette!!!