Friday, September 5, 2014

Domino Books

The ever creative Deb at Paxton Valley Folk Art showed a handmade domino book she won in a giveaway.  See it here.  She added a link to a tutorial on these so, yes, I gave it a go. I already had a bunch of collage dominoes I made a year or so back that I could never sell on Etsy. So I pulled out a few and made them into these little accordion style books. Once again, I simplified this project to make blank books.

The fronts

The backs

Here is the interior back of the bluebird book. A piece of heavy scrapbook paper.

This is the front of the paper. As in the directions, I added scrapbook paper "panels" to each section.

These are awfully cute. Wouldn't it be fun to just write a simple message to someone and send it? Of course, you could use them as mini albums too or write a poem or...

Have a creative day!


  1. Aren't those so cute! Who thinks of these things? obviously someone more creative than I. :-)

  2. These would be adorable as party favors... or thank you gifts, or a number of ways to use them...
    they're just as cute as can be.

  3. I love that you left the backs of the dominoes plain. So many artists completely cover them up, and then no one knows they're dominoes!

  4. You are so crafty, Diane - these are so cute!!

  5. Wow, these are great!! Lots of work!

  6. They are beautiful Diane! Such a talented gal you are :O) Wouldn't they make perfect gifts to give to your sweetie with a special message written inside? I know they will fly off the shelves in your Etsy store.

  7. Like everyone above, I think these are so cute! I like that you left the dominoes showing too.