Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday's Muster #34

Recently I showed some vintage wrapping paper I bought at a garage sale and mentioned my mother has used the same paper, back in the 70s, to make a 3-D picture for my sister. Well, since my sister still has it, I decided to show it:

And since another blogger commented that her mother made these in the 70s too, I decided to show all that I have.  My mother made this one out of Current note cards. By the way, sorry these pictures are not too hot-- difficult to shoot glass.

This one I have in my bedroom. Made from wrapping paper. Very cute.

This pair hung in my room as a kid for many years. I had them in my daughter's room for awhile. Love the bright (velvet) ribbon borders.

This one is a bit of a mystery-- my mom made a pair of these (the other was a kitchen scene), but I sold them off in a garage sale about 2000. I know, shame on me, but you can't keep everything! Anyway, years later, I came across this one at a local thrift store. Is it my mom's?? I'll never know for sure, but like to think so.



  1. Aren't those cute! I love the 3D effect, and I love coming across vintage paper like that.

  2. Those are pretty nice. Live the mystery story. It kind of gives me goose bumps.

  3. Yes, you should think that it is your Mom's and it found its way back to you. Pretty cute!!

  4. What goes around comes around? Very mysterious . love the little vignettes. They are very cute. Hope you're having a good day.